One-to-one training

With over 20 years of private training experience, I can help you

  • Get back into shape after a long break, injury or child birth
  • Reduce body fat and create lean body mass
  • Improve core strength, (which helps firm and flatten the belly) plus reduce lower back pain
  • Rehab from many spine injuries & conditions, improve balance & agility, prevent injury
  • Make a total lifestyle change and create long-lasting healthy habits
  • Motivate and inspire you to get fit and stay that way at any age!

Junior program

I offer fitness classes and programs for all ages, not just adults. My competent staff of trained professionals did their research to gather technology to create this amazing new program. Our curriculum for kids nurtures the hearts, minds and bodies of our most valuable assets.

  • Spinning / Indoor Cycling
  • Fit-Kids
  • Pilates
  • Sport Foundation
  • Testimonial Group / User Group Training for weight loss

Adult program

Working with me as your own trainer during Adult fitness program is going to be the answer to all your fitness goals. When you work with a qualified personal trainer, every minute is spent to making you better. You don’t get just another training session.

  • Spinning / Indoor Cycling
  • Boot Camps / Metabolic Conditioning / Interval Training
  • Pilates and Barre workouts
  • Core/Low Back strengthening
  • Testimonial Group / User Group Training for weight loss